Our 12 luxury PVCu chalets offer fully licensed premier accommodation - an ideal home from home for your cat. Each one is large enough to house 4 cats so that plenty of space is available for your beloved pets.


We have taken the up most care to ensure that your cat has a safe and comfortable stay with us. Each pen has a large comfy heated draft free  sleeping area as well as a light airy exercise area. Both of which our guests will have access to at all times.

There are views of waterfeatures, bird houses and foliage which enhance the countryside garden area. Treasure hunts of cat treats are often set out in the units to keep the cats stimulated and interested.

We fully appreciate that all cats are different and have their own preferences. Our guarantee to you is that your cat will receive daily, personal attention whether it be grooming, playing or just a cuddle.

At Posh Cats we aim to match the personal needs of our guests as much as possible. Because of this, we encourage owners to help settle their cat into its chalet. This gives us the opportunity to meet our feline guests and discuss any individual likes or dislikes concerning handling or grooming.

We do our best to maintain your cats regular eating pattern and diet and so we stock a variety of dried, tinned and fresh foods. Plenty of fresh drinking water is always available. Please supply any prescription food for your cat.

Posh Cats Cattery, The Woodlands, 1 Moorhouse Lane, Haigh, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 4DD

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